Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Manchester at the Printworks

Imagine sitting in the cinema at the Printworks, Manchester waiting for a film to start and Kevin Hart and Ice Cube make an appearance. It was actually them, no lookalikes!

Wow. I did not realise how small Kevin Hart is. As many fans of Kevin Hart will already know, he has travelled to Manchester for his What Now tour in the UK. But what we were not aware of was that, his presence was not only going to be at The Manchester Arena.

On 19th January 2016, me and Danny were waiting patiently at the Printworks Odeon in Manchester for the exclusive release of Ride Along 2 (2016).

Then, we began to lose our patience as it hit 7:00pm. Please bear in mind that, the showing stated 6:15pm on the ticket. I was here to review the film, meanwhile my boyfriend was there simply for the entertainment. At this exclusive screening, I wondered why there was a need for security.

We queued outside screen 11 until we were directed in the cinema room. As we finally entered, we could not believe how packed it was. And the waiting did not end there. Now, some audience members decided it was clever to leave their jackets and popcorn on the seats beside them. That is not very clever though is it?

Think about it, you are here to see the film just like everybody else, why would you think it is acceptable to take up a seat for your popcorn. Are people really this selfish? Oh they must be. Even more, there were three girls looking for seats together, so I communicated with her and suggested that she asked the man to move his jacket in order for them to move up a seat and there would then be three seats available – perfect! This guy was hard work. He pointed in another direction and suggested they sit elsewhere.

Now we’re on another level of impatient….

Then, luckily, a representative from Universal Pictures realised this special seat for the man’s jacket and popcorn and asked him to move up two rows so that, a family could sit together. Whey! That is over and done with. Let’s watch the film.

No. This still wasn’t happening. The speakers began the crackle and make strange fuzzy noises.” They (Universal Pictures representatives) must be introducing the film” I said, as I noticed some microphones. Suddenly, we heard “Yo, yo, yo! What’s happening Manchester?” Yes, I know what you are thinking. Who the hell is that? It was only Ice Cube and Kevin Hart!

When did this start happening? When do you see celebrities, that are stars from a film, come to Manchester to introduce the film? Never. This is what it all the better experience. It is safe to say that, the fuzzy speakers and greedy man taking up chairs for his belongings did not bother me anymore.

Kevin Hart is so comical and when I seen Ice Cube I couldn’t help but think about his music and singing “You can do it. Put your back into it.” crazy, isn’t it? Ah, it was very cool of them to make an appearance and the film was a good watch too. Take a look of the footage my boyfriend recorded via the link below. The sound does go quieter as their microphones stopped working.

What are your thoughts?

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