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Why You Shouldn’t Abandon your Dreams

Do you want to know why you shouldn’t abandon your dreams? Grandad always inspired me to figure out why.

When you are waiting for something to happen, you must think to yourself, what am I doing to prove that I really want this? Well, what is your answer?

Every day since May 2015 since I finished my studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, I had a goal to make progress, that goal in particular, to make something of myself.

Yes, graduation awaited but it not stop me from going out into this world to find experiences before I was officially awarded with my BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies graduate title.

Today, I am sharing my steps based on my journey and experience of following my dreams with you all. Perhaps, a few will sink in if not all, but they are all valid reasons and have helped me get to where I want to be today.

Though, it never ends, as there are still more opportunities out there, which I will approach in the future in order to challenge myself with.

Everyone is different and you will realise your own unique values

I did not graduate with a first or a 2:1. Did that stop me from wanting to pursue my dreams? No, it did not. There were students who created really impressive short films and documentaries. There were students who attained a first with near enough every single piece of work. There were students who hardly attended university but got better grades than me.

Well, I tried. I tried so god damn hard. And at the back of my mind, I know that I tried harder than some others. You do not always get the get the grade of wish that you dream of in life. It does not mean to say that, you do not deserve it. It most certainly does not.

If you do not have faith in yourself, fewer people will believe in the potential that you have. I have had friends and family members ask me whether or not I have considered taking a different path or try to give me advice.

Without the strength that I began to gain, I would not have been accepted onto an internship/work experience with a television production company, nor would I have been accepted for several volunteer events.

Also, I have seen the power I never knew I had when it came to organising my own fundraising event. And wow, it was worth it. I am thrilled to have achieved what I have at the age of 21, nothing will stop me from carrying on.

Some find a job straight away, others don’t

I have recently become a Learning Support Assistant, it is not all media related but I have used my skills in order to achieve this role. And, I am adamant that I am going to take this on with pride and determination.

This truly shows that, sticking with your instincts can work. I think of myself as an independent woman. Yes, I have struggled to accept help from friends and family, especially when I have not had a lot of money.

However, I never gave up with my original plan, which was to simply stick with how far of a journey I could travel. Being a mentor to children who are experiencing something that I have and more is going to be an honour. This role is beyond my expectations. Notably, my nature is well suited to the role, otherwise I would have been given this opportunity.

To think that people have tried to knock me down, yet, I am now able to offer help to younger people, feels amazing. This is a real achievement and in my eyes, it is something more than what my previous lecturers and interviewers expected.

Mainly, one day, I was disappointed with my dissertation grade and university tutors were telling me not to worry because it was ‘good’ as they were looking at my work and not agreeing with some of the negative comments written by the marker.

Also, they said I might not get a job that is high-end but I will be able to get something. Now, it does not bother me in the slightest. That is the grade that is on my records now and yes it is classed as good but I am doing even better now.

What is even better, is that, I do have a very rewarding job.

Through all the interviews I had, I did not expect this one to be the successful one. It just goes to show, that these things happen unexpectedly and you just have to be patient. In addition, I am happy that I still continue writing.

Through writing, I express my thoughts, feelings, and insight to the world. Whether it be written content on employment, entertainment, daily routine etc. I am achieving every day. I am a blogger and most recently a contributing writer for an online magazine.

I have travelled a long and stressful journey, however, it is only truly beginning. The feeling of being recognised for my potential is something special to me. In particular, the fact that I did not always receive the best feedback from my tutors at university or interact with them as much as others is what makes me different.

Yes, I asked for help and guidance when needed but I still achieved below my wanted grade when taking their advice on board.

Realise what you can do and who you are

I have been brought up in a council house in Salford. My family and I are not rich. We do not have an expensive car and we do not live the expected life that some people attend to associate the life of a student with.

But one thing is for sure, we are proud. Telling people where I am from should not set barriers in front of my dreams, nor should it give anyone the right to discriminate against me.

I always attended every lecture and tutorial that I could at university. Most weeks for one of my units, I was the only student to attend. This did not seem to be a big problem to my tutor. I could not understand it.

I honestly felt like the average kind of student. Attending university was not just for the sake of it. It most definitely was not for my parents neither because they did not attend further education. It was simply to build upon my knowledge and push myself further.

All I ever wanted to know, was how to reach those first grades again hence why I would attend punctuality and ask for more feedback as I arrived into my final year. It was almost as though, they wanted to continue to set boundaries.

Although they said they were not… this did not seem to be the case. For example, an essay on comedy was marked over 10 marks higher by one tutor.

When I asked why I was marked so low by the unit tutor, they responded, “It was just rubbish.” Apparently, my grammar, spelling and concept were all poor.

However, another tutor marked me almost two grades higher and said my grammar and spelling was very good along with my referencing being particularly good. Do you want to know the reason I put behind this Not marking criteria. But opinions.

I would always be told how they would answer it and whenever they didn’t like my film choice, they would scrutinise my work. Hey, it’s life. This happens right? Or was I a fool for allowing it to? Probably.

To everyone who has ever doubted me or seen me as your average student. You said some people put more effort in than others but do not always achieve their wanted grades. I learnt that.

But, I carried on trying and companies within the media industry and others are noticing my work. I am delighted to have received many positive comments, likes and shares of my writing.

Laugh at those who think your dreams are too big. And more importantly, show all the people who gave you an unsuccessful job application or negative comments how successfulyou really are.

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