Looking Over My Best Learning Experiences So Far

All of my learning experiences have led me on a path to discovering my aspirations and happiness. As a twenty-one-year-old, turning twenty-two in just over three month’s time, I am happy with my accomplishments of finishing primary, secondary and further education. Throughout school, college, and university I have recognised many strengths and weaknesses, most of which I have overcome and have maintained a stronger personality with.

I love the fact that, the people who know me best can read me like a book but I can also surprise them with my spontaneity. It does not matter what age you are, or whether your learning curves are educational, emotional or physical. What matters is, the sense of pride and satisfaction that you gain from knowing you have persisted with a challenging event in your life, or choosing to confront challenges with a positive attitude.

Challenges bring new learning experiences

In regards to challenges, I have felt like giving up before. During my A-levels, I just wanted to cry and I did not think I would pass my ICT and Spanish. I look at myself now and think, “Wow I have a qualification in another language and I have gained knowledge with technology that I never thought I would have.”

We all have a feeling where we want to just scream and give up but do not always believe that it is the best option. First, test yourself further and you will surprise yourself with your capabilities. Whether it be something like the above or conquering your greatest fear, give it a go. I for sure, never thought I would go on some of the roller coasters and rides that I have or jump into the middle of the deep-sea. I did though. Yes, I was scared but the adrenaline was amazing! And most of the time, you are glad you did those things.

I’m not a big believer in being a failure, if you have not fully completed something, did not attain your desired grade or if something does not work out as planned. We are all successful in our own ways. If you have attempted to do something with all of your full potential, then in my eyes, you are successful. You have approached something, which you aimed to start and being a person who tries is better than not chancing something altogether.

Growing personally and professionally

I see each challenge as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. My emotions are a lot stronger than they used to be, in the way that I take more pride in my achievements and try to face new interviews and job opportunities with the right level of confidence. In addition, I have learnt that, comparing yourself to others is not healthy. I will admit that I have done this plenty of times and it has not had a positive affect on me whatsoever. Do not doubt yourself for one second.

You might think that a particular woman/man is prettier/more handsome than you, has more qualifications than you, has more experience, is more popular; however, the real importance of a person is being themselves. Be true to who you really are. In the past, I have worried a great deal about being right for someone.

I have worried about how I seem to other people. Am I doing this right? Could I be more like them? Oh, how silly. I am glad I finally held my head up high and began to admire myself. There is nothing wrong with having flaws and there is nothing wrong with recognising your qualities. We all have something to offer. There are many things I wish I could be better at, some I have tried and some I know I will be in the future.

Here’s to the future and more learning experiences

For now, I am focusing the factors that make my happiness. Never forget about the people who love you and make you feel at your very best the most. Everyone has their opinions, that is their problem, not yours. Trust me, I have wasted too much time worrying about other people’s reactions and thoughts about me. Actually, I have wasted too much time thinking about something, which would not even be a concern to somebody else. I have felt upset and embarrassed over things I should not have. I have been made to look like the fool many times.

But in the end, some people, the ones who really matter, know who you are. They know why you did what you did. They can understand but may not always know how it felt during a long process leading up to it. The important thing though, is that, you, yourself have overcome it. Like me, you are past it.

With all things considered, you can see that experiences reinforce us to be a stronger person. I for one have built a much healthier person in myself. Most people know the giddy, happy person that I am. This is me at my very best and I intend to continue this way.

The main message here is, smile and be you!

What are your thoughts?

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